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PACE Award Nominees



Showing concern for the well being of others and using your words and actions to help someone


Addy Whitmire
Jacob Baugh
Sailor Bartle
Aluna Williams
Laak'os Parsons
Sylas Glasgow
Calvin Weeks
Laney Boffin




Recognizing one's place in the greater communities through active service and respectful devotion to the community's members, values and standards


Addy Miller
Donovan O'Brien-Kiester
Marion Wilson
Sully Gibson
Arya Burgoyne
Kinley Armitage
Mark Artemenko
Brixzen Mae
Lily-Rose King
Serenity Veter




Being Dependable, making good choices, and taking accountability for your actions


Bella Lozamo
Chloe Brink
Harper Mazzie
Mervin Hollins
Cash Nelson
Claire Reed
Jonah Beerman
Sawyer Wilson
Chase Pittenger
Elliot Wilson
Matthew Munn


Seeing the good in people and things, and treating them with care

Baze Anaya
Jaden Destin
Nora Hartson
Bristol Anaya
Michael Fullard
Orlando Parsons
Dwayne Marsh
Michael Jensen
Tony Momo