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Welcome to CVVL High School                                                                      Serving CVSD students with options for other students residing in, but not currently enrolled with CVSD.
  • CVVL provides instructor-led online courses to students in grades 8-12.
  • Students are provided an interactive learning experience.
  • Students may participate at our in-person study sessions and student support is available by phone, email, or safe-text.
  • All students receive mentoring to help them monitor their progress toward success in CVVL courses.
  • CVVL Courses are NCAA approved.

CVVL courses are for credit advancement and acceleration.
Check in with your school counselor for credit retrieval options.
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Course Teacher & School Email
10th Language Arts  Rick Pettibone - UHS [email protected]
9th Grade Science Ali Bartlett - Selkirk [email protected]
9th Language Arts Rick Pettibone - UHS [email protected]
Algebra 1A & 1B Josh Nichols - UHS [email protected]
Algebra 2A Josh Nichols - UHS [email protected]
Algebra 2A Mike Roullier  - CVHS [email protected]
Algebra 2B Mike Roullier - CVHS [email protected]
American Lit A Heather Chronister - RHS [email protected]
Anatomy and Physiology A Lori Buratto - SVT [email protected]
AP 11 Eng Lang & Comp Eric Woodard - SVL [email protected]
AP 12 Eng Lit & Comp Eric Woodard - SVL [email protected]
AP Calc AB Ashlee Munsey - SVL [email protected]
AP Calc BC Ashlee Munsey - SVL [email protected]
AP European History Robert Homburg - SVL [email protected]
AP Music Theory Pam Pryor - SVL [email protected]
AP Stats Ryan Cornell - UHS [email protected]
AP US History Jaime Rees - SVL [email protected]
AP World History Jaime Rees - SVL [email protected]
Biology A Ali Bartlett - Selkirk [email protected]
Bridge to College English Heather Chronister - RHS [email protected]
Chemistry 1 Lori Buratto - SVT [email protected]
Chinese 1 & 2 Yvonne Quigley - SVL [email protected]
CWP Leslie Heffernan - MPHS [email protected]
Drawing & Painting A & B Kyle Genther - RHS [email protected]
French 1 Heather Hacker - SVL [email protected]
French 3 Jessica Brooke - SVL [email protected]
Geometry A & B Ryan Cornell - UHS [email protected]
Health Joe Turman - UHS [email protected]
Intro to Fitness Jason Daniel - RHS [email protected]
Japanese 1, 2, & 3 Mike Smith - Selkirk [email protected]
Latin1, 2 & 3 Luke Henderson - SVL [email protected]
Lifetime Fitness A Brian Kreider - RHS [email protected]
Music Theory Pam Pryor - SVL [email protected]
PreCalc Josh Nichols - UHS [email protected]
Spanish 1 & Spanish 3 Andres Monrroy - CVHS [email protected]
Spanish 2 Suzanne Smith - RHS [email protected]
US History Haley Mills - CVVL [email protected]
World History Paul Schneider - UHS [email protected]
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Janice Boyd,
CVVL Principal

Office:  509-558-5511