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Options: School-Paced & Self-Paced

At Central Valley Virtual Learning, you can choose to enroll in either School-Paced or Self-Paced Learning. Students enrolled in either option can choose to return to schools when they open, or remain virtual for the remainder of the school year.

Both options offer:

  • Quality staff, curriculum and instruction
  • Scheduled meetings with the family and teacher to discuss student progress and needs, starting with a personalized learning plan before school starts
  • Learning resources and appropriate supplies and devices such as Chromebooks
  • Student-tailored instruction
  • Services and supports for students with an IEP and families with English as a second language
  • Engagement opportunities for students and parents, such as ASB, Math is Cool, PTA or PTO


  • Full daily schedule
  • Daily teacher greeting and a daily morning meeting with students in a live, virtual classroom
  • A full day of school instruction that mirrors the in-person learning happening at school.
  • Daily instruction in a variety of formats – whole group lessons, small group lessons, and 1:1 interactions with the teacher
  • Real-time connection with a CVSD teacher and classmates
  • Live and on-time teacher feedback
  • Social Emotional Learning lessons and supports that parallel in person learning


  • Flexibility in schedules and options for students to move at their own pace through the lessons
  • Parents and teachers work collaboratively to create the student's personalized learning plan
  • Students, parents and teachers use a Pacing Guide to monitor student progress and adjust the learning plan as needed
  • Opportunities to interact with their assigned CVSD teacher