CVSD Update on COVID Requirements

This message is to update you on changes corresponding with the mask requirement change that goes into effect on March 12, 2022. The Washington Department of Health (DOH) released updated requirements for schools this week.

These adjustments acknowledge that we are in a different stage of the COVID-19 pandemic—though we know they come too early for some of our community and not soon enough for others. We will continue to work with each of our students and staff to support choices through this transition, while ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all. Our greatest hope is a positive reflection in our learning environment as well as our students’ social and emotional well-being.

Please refer to the DOH requirements on their website as well as linked documents (some of these links will be updated this weekend). A summary of DOH requirements and important changes are listed below.

  • With few exceptions, students and staff will have the choice to wear a mask at school and on school buses with the expectation that others’ choices will be respected by all.
  • Masks are still required in limited settings and situations, such as the nurse/health/isolation room.
  • Students or staff who test positive for COVID-19 are still required to isolate for five (5) days, regardless of vaccination status, and negative test upon return to school on day 6 or wear a well-fitting mask for days 6-10. A 10-day isolation is required for those who choose not to test or wear a well-fitting mask.
  • Any student or staff who reports or exhibits COVID-19-like symptoms is required to be immediately isolated from others, sent home, and referred to testing as soon as feasible, regardless of vaccination status. Students and staff with symptoms can test to return to school with two negative antigen tests, 24 hours apart.
  • Access to diagnostic testing will continue to be available at all school buildings for students and staff with symptoms or who were potentially exposed and want to test.
  • CVSD’s COVID-19 Dashboard will continue to be updated daily and our schools will continue communications to staff and families about positive COVID-19 cases in classes/cohorts/teams.

This is not a comprehensive list, please refer to the full document for details.

We commit to continuing our layered prevention measures including cleaning protocols, disinfecting high-touch surfaces, social distancing to the greatest extent possible with a general three-foot rule, personal protective equipment (PPE) where appropriate, ventilation, as well as encouraging hand washing and good health hygiene. All of these protocols follow our local Spokane Regional Health District’s recommendations.

Please help us by staying at home if you or your child are not feeling well or showing symptoms of any type of illness. Thank you for doing your part in helping keep all our students and staff safe and healthy.

Thank you for your ongoing support in navigating the constant changes throughout the last two years.

We will keep you informed of any updates as we progress. Should you have any questions or concerns, please visit with your school’s principal or COVID supervisor.